At Process Systems, you can find a wide range of actuators, which are the versatile devices behind your control systems. These components enable you to regulate flow, pressure and more with exacting precision. Our expertly curated catalogue offers a spectrum of options, from electric to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, designed to meet the most stringent industry requirements.

We've harnessed decades of experience and a commitment to excellence to bring you the finest selection of actuators in Australia, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. With Process Systems, you can trust that our actuators are engineered for the most demanding applications, as they set the standard for reliability and performance.

Unlocking precision and control with actuators

Actuators are instrumental in achieving precise control and automation across various industries. Here's why they are indispensable:

  • Regulation — Actuators, when combined with a positioner, fine-tune valve positions, ensuring the precise control of flow rates, pressure and other critical parameters.

  • Automation — They enable automated processes, reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Safety — Actuators swiftly respond to emergencies, providing fail-safe operation and preventing potentially hazardous situations.

  • Versatility — These devices find applications in diverse fields, from manufacturing to energy, ensuring seamless control in various systems.

  • Reliability — Actuators are engineered for consistent and dependable performance, even in demanding environments.

  • Enhanced productivity — They streamline operations, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Process Systems has a wide range of 90 degree turn actuation options available for valve operation/automation. These include Pneumatic (both in Double Acting and Spring Return), Electric Actuators (all common voltages), Gear Boxes and sundry products such as limit switch boxes and drive adaptors. Please select your category or product.

Experience excellence with Process Systems

When it comes to actuators, Process Systems stands as the unequivocal choice for discerning customers. With an illustrious history of over 30 years at the forefront of Australia's control systems industry, our reputation speaks for itself. We offer a diverse selection of actuators, ensuring your specific needs are met with precision.

Our actuators are meticulously crafted to adhere to the highest industry standards, delivering unmatched reliability and durability. If you have any queries, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to tailor solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements. You can also experience seamless and economical service with our same-day dispatch and free freight solutions exclusively for online orders. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and solutions. At Process Systems, you can find the right answer to your process control industry needs.


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Electric Actuator

Torque 35 to 3500 NM
Function Drive Open/Drive Close, 90 degree turn
Body Powder Coated Die Cast Aluminium
Voltage 12vDC, 24vDC, 24v AC, 110vAC, 240vAC
Rating IP67

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De Clutch Gear Box

Torque 300NM to 2800NM
Body Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated Ductile Iron
Shaft 316 Stainless Steel
IP Rating IP67
Actuation Manual Override For Spring Return Actuators