Globe Valves

Process Systems has a range of globe valves (shut-off valves) in both threaded and flanged options. Materials include cast steel from DN 50 (50 mm) to DN 300 (300 mm) and 316 Stainless Steel. Great for controlling steam and other media.

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  • What is a Globe Valve?

    A globe valve can be used to not only isolate media but provide some degree of throttling to the line. For example this could be used in areas where a slow open or shut down is needed such as a steam line.

  • How does a Globe Valve work?

    A globe valve works by a curved surface coming down and sitting upon a seat inside the valve body. The surface looks similar to the bottom of a traditional light globe hence the term “globe valve”. The globe valve may be a rising or non rising stem and operated traditionally by a handwheel but can also be a gearbox or another form of actuation. 

  • How long will my Globe Valve last?

    This really depends upon the environment and media that the globe valve operates in. If it is not cycled too often and the media is not corrosive the valve may last decades. If it is in a corrosive media or environment its operational life will be much shorter.

  • How do I install a Globe Valve?

    Globe valves are installed with the pressure under seat meaning the globe will close down into the flow path. This means that they are uni-directional so will need to be installed in accordance with the arrow which is usually cast into the side of the valve to indicate the direction of flow. Globe valves can have various end connections such as flanged or threaded so installation will need to take this into account.

  • What are typical uses of a Globe Valve?

    Globe valves are usually used in throttling applications where some degree of control is needed over the flow. Also where a slow start up or shut down may be needed such as steam lines.

  • How long will my product take to get to me? 

    This depends upon where you are based and the freight method chosen. If the express freight option is selected it is usually next day delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia for under 5kg. If free freight has been selected it will go by road freight which can be anywhere from 1 to 10 days depending upon your location. It usually averages 3 days.

  • What warranty do I get?

    All of our products come standard with a 12 month warranty. The good news is we have very strict quality controls and all valves leave our warehouse tested (full material and testing certificates to API598 are available) and inspected so there are rarely any issues.