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Limit Switch Box for Pneumatic Actuator


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The SK-100 series of limit switch box is a multifunctional unit that gives panaoramic visual indication of the valve position as well as an electrical feedback from two micro switches. The terminal strip and twin conduit entry points allow a solenoid valve and micro switches to be wired up through a single multi core cable. This comes standard with a stainless steel mounting bracket (to suit 80mm x 30mm mounting). For other sizes see the mounting bracket section in the below table.

Item Standard
Enclosure Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4 & 4X
Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Conduit Entries 2 x M20
Terminal Strips 8 points (.08-2.5mm²)
Position Indicator Closed: Red, Open: Yellow
Switches Mechanical switch x 2 SPDT
External Coating Polyester powder coating (black)
Shaft ISO Standard (17mm long)
Housing Powder coated die cast aluminium
Cam Quick Set spring loaded splined cam (no need to adjust again after initial setting, set without tools)
Mounting Interface Namur
Max Current 10 AMP AC, 2 AMP DC
Mounting Bracket Standard SK-1 Bracket included to suit 80mm x 30mm Mounting with 30mm height (to suit DA/SR 50 to 100). For sizes DA/SR 115 to 240, an additional bracket is required (see SK Bracket and SK-M adjustable bracket options)

 Pneumatic Limit Switch Box Wiring Diagrame

Pneumatic Limit Switch Box Dimensions

Powder coated aluminum body. IP67 protection.
Two M20 cable entry. High visability dome indicator.
Two single pole double throw voltage free switches.
Max current 10 AMP AC, 2 AMP DC
Part Material
Body Aluminium die cast
Shaft Stainless Steel
Indicator Cover Polycarbonate
Indicator ABS/Polycarbonate
Cam Polycarbonate
Spring Stainless Steel
Housing cover bolt Stainless Steel
O-Ring NBR
Bushing Bronze
E-Ring (shaft) Stainless Steel
Earth Lug Stainless Steel
Bracket Stainless Steel

 Limit Switch Box Conduit Entries

Limit Switch Box Position Indicator


Function Limit Switch Box
Switches 2 x SPDT
Body Powder Coated Aluminium
IP Rating IP66

  • What is a Limit Switch Box?

    A Limit Switch Box is traditionally used to give an end of stroke (open/close) signal to actuators used on rotary valves (90 degree turn actuation). They are predominately used on Pneumatic Actuators where unlike electric actuators do not have limit switches built in. They also feature a visual indicator dome on the top of the limit switch box which will show the position of the valve/actuator.

  • How does a Limit Switch Box work?

    The Limit Switch Box will mount directly onto your actuator through a standard namur interface. This means that as the actuator turns the valve it is also turning the camshaft in the limit switch box. This will then trip the cams once their set point has been reached (usually fully open or fully closed but they can be set at any position) therefore making or breaking a circuit (SPDT).

  • How long will my Limit Switch Box last?

    This will depend upon the media and environment the Limit Switch Box is used in but ours are specifically built to a higher standard than most traditional limit switch boxes. Ours have a Stainless Steel shaft which leads into a powder coated die cast aluminium body. This has an IP67 weather rating so is ideal for outside use. Our limit switch boxes traditionally outlast other makes in outside environments as many feature plastic covers which are attacked by UV light.

  • How do I install a Limit Switch Box on an Actuator?

    The first step is to check the interface and size on your pneumatic actuator. The limit switch box comes standard with a stainless steel bracket to suit an 80mm x 30mm mounting (standard namur). This would usually be pneumatic actuators up to 100mm bore but may vary according the the manufacturer. The indicator cover on top of the pneumatic actuator can be removed which will reveal a female drive slot which will mate with the male drive of the limit switch box. Once this is done the bracket and limit switch box can be tightened by the provided fasteners which will hold it in place. The electrics can then be run to the box utilising either of the two M20 conduits.

  • What are typical uses of a Limit Switch Box?

    These are mainly used on Double Acting or Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators however we do often mount these onto manual gear boxes or even directly onto ball and butterfly valves. This usually requires some customisation of parts to achieve this.

  • How long will my Limit Switch Box take to get to me? 

    This depends upon where you are based and the freight method chosen. If the express freight option is selected it is usually next day delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia for under 5kg. If free freight has been selected it will go by road freight which can be anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending upon your location. It usually averages 3 days.

  • What warranty do I get?

    All of our products come standard with a 12 month warranty. The good news is we have very strict quality controls and all products leave our warehouse tested and inspected so there are rarely any issues.

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