Stainless Steel Ball Valve Pad Extension

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304 Stainless Steel Ball Valve Stem Extension to suit the BLS Series of Ball Valves. These extensions are designed to be bolted to the ISO pad on the ball valve and allow for the handle or actuator to be fixed to the ISO pad on the extension. Pad to Pad this extension offers a 100mm height across all sizes making this suitable for Thermal Standoff and other applications. The stem in this extension matches in construction to the Ball Valve stem featuring self adjusting stem packing assembly with belleville spring for temperature fluctuations and vibration.

Model ISO Pad Square Drive Extension Height
SXT-F04-9 F03/F04 9mm 100mm
SXT-F05-11 F04/F05 11mm 100mm
SXT-F07-14 F05/F07 14mm 100mm
SXT-F10-17 F07/F10 17mm 100mm

Model ISO Pad C H H1 W
SXT-F04-9 F03/F04 9 100 130 117
SXT-F05-11 F04/F05 11 100 130 134
SXT-F07-14 F05/F07 14 100 140 203
SXT-F10-17 F07/F10 17 100 150 255

All dimensions in mm unless stated otherwise

Item Description Material
1 Body CF8
2 Stem SS304
3 Thrust Washer PTFE
4 Stem Packing PTFE
5 Packing Ring SS304
6 Belleville Washer SS301
7 Nut Stopper SS304
8 Plate Washer SS304
9 Handle SS304
10 Nut SS304
11 Lock Device SS304
12 Plastic Cover Plastic

Pad Size F03/F04 ~ F07/F10
Drive Size 9mm ~ 17mm
Body 304 Stainless Steel
Extension Height 100mm

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