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Our manual override gearbox is designed to fit between a spring return pneumatic actuator and a quarter turn control valve and conforms to ISO 5211 interface standards. The special feature with our model is an isolation valve that cuts off the air supply to the actuator when the override is engaged and also exhausts any air left in the actuator. This allows the valve to be manually operated at any time with complete safety. Without this isolation valve air pressure could be reinstated while the override is engaged causing damage or injury. A spring loaded locking pin prevents the engagement lever being operated accidentally and locks it in the engaged or disengaged position.

Model Ratio Output Torque Handle Diameter Valve Actuator Valve Drive Size □ Actuator Drive Size □
DC1-11 40:1 300 NM 150 mm F05/F07 F05/F07 17 mm 11 mm
DC1-14 40:1 300 NM 150 mm F05/F07 F05/F07 17 mm 14 mm
DC1-17 40:1 300 NM 150 mm F05/F07 F05/F07 17 mm 17 mm
DC2-14 28:1 350 NM 200 mm F07 F07/F10 22 mm 14 mm
DC2-17 28:1 350 NM 200 mm F07 F07/F10 22 mm 17 mm
DC2-22 28:1 350 NM 200 mm F07 F07/F10 22 mm 22 mm
DC3-22 32:1 640 NM 200 mm F07/F10 F10/F12 22 mm 22 mm
DC3-27 32:1 640 NM 200 mm F07/F10 F10/F12 22 mm 27 mm
DC4-27 36:1 1200 NM 300 mm F10/F12 F10/F12 27 mm 27 mm
DC5-36 62:1 2100 NM 300 mm F14 F14/f16 36 mm 36 mm
DC6-46 70:1 2800 NM 400 mm F16 F14/f16 46 mm 46 mm

Declutch Gear Box for Pneumatic Actuators

Model A B C E F G□ H I J□ K1ø K2 ø H-Q1 N-Q2 D1 ø D2 ø N- ø P1 N- ø P2
DC1 85 130 110 146 55 70 99 200 17 50 70 4-M6 4-M8 50 70 4-7 4-9
DC2 112 173 145 190 115 110 114 300 22 70 - 4-M8 - 70 102 4-9 4-11
DC3 138 188 160 202 122 120 129 300 22 70 102 4-M8 4-M10 102 125 4-11 4-14
DC4 150 208 165 266 128 120 130 400 27 102 125 4-M10 4-M12 102 125 4-11 4-14
DC5 175 253 210 230 138 160 135 400 36 140 - 4-M16 - 140 165 4-18 4-22
DC6 247 340 280 328 148 160 184 500 46 165 - 4-M20 - 140 165 4-18 4-22

 All dimensions in mm unless shown otherwise.

Declutch Gear Box for Pneumatic Actuators

No. Name Material
1 Handle 304 Stainless Steel
2 Worm Shaft 316 Stainless Steel
3 Hand Wheel Ductile Iron
4 Worm Carbon Steel
5 Air Source Valve 304 Stainless Steel
6 Limiting Screw Brass
7 Worm Gear Ductile Iron
8 Cap Ductile Iron
9 Body Ductile Iron


Torque 300NM to 2800NM
Body Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated Ductile Iron
Shaft 316 Stainless Steel
IP Rating IP67
Actuation Manual Override For Spring Return Actuators 

  • What is a Declutch Valve Gear Box?

    A declutch gearbox interfaces between a valve and pneumatic actuator and gives the user an override function whereby they can close the valve manually.

  • How does a Declutch Valve Gear Box work?

    The declutch has a pneumatic lock out integrated into the unit where once it is engaged it will exhaust any air remaining in the actuator to allow the manual override to take over. Even if air is live in the line it will not reach the actuator while this lockout is in place. The valve can then be moved by the handwheel on the declutch which functions as a traditional gear box in this state.

  • How long will my Declutch Gear Box last?

    This will depend upon the media and environment the gearbox is used in but ours are specifically built to a higher standard than most traditional gear boxes. Ours have a 316 Stainless Steel shaft which leads into a fusion bonded epoxy ductile iron body. This has an IP67 weather rating so is ideal for outside use. All fasteners are 316 Stainless Steel to reduce corrosion.

  • How do I install a Declutch Gear Box on a Valve?

    The declutch gear box will need to be interfaced with your valve taking into consideration three primary factories; the torque required to operate the valve, the mounting interface on both the valve and gear box and the drive sizes on the valve and gear box. For the torque it is common practice to take the torque required for the valve and add a 30% margin, this then needs to be matched to find the appropriate gear box. For the mounting interface you will need to check the ISO5211 details on the valve & actuator (eg. FO7 interface etc). For the drive interface the male drive on the declutch and the female drive on the pneumatic actuator will need to be matched. These quite often are different and a drive sleeve is used to bridge the two.

  • What are typical uses of a Declutch Valve Gear Box?

    These are used between quarter turn valves such as ball or butterfly valves and pneumatic actuators.

  • How long will my Declutch Gear Box take to get to me? 

    This depends upon where you are based and the freight method chosen. If the express freight option is selected it is usually next day delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia for under 5kg. If free freight has been selected it will go by road freight which can be anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending upon your location. It usually averages 3 days.

  • What warranty do I get?

    All of our products come standard with a 12 month warranty. The good news is we have very strict quality controls and all products leave our warehouse tested and inspected so there are rarely any issues. They also come with full material and testing certificates.

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