How to Wire a DIN Plug Correctly

Date Posted:5 July 2013 

We often find that faults with solenoid valves in the field is due to incorrectly wired or installed DIN plugs. All our DIN plugs carry an IP65 weatherproof rating but this is only if it is installed correctly.

When Installing

  • Ensure the DIN plug entry faces the ground, this will ensure no water pools on the entry.
  • Your cable is the correct size for the gromet. This will ensure you get a good seal which will keep out moisture
  • The cable gland entry is screwed on tightly.
  • The plugs are not polarity conscious
  • Ensure the earth is wired to the earth terminal

What you will need

  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Strippers
  • DIN Plug
  • 3 core cable, correctly sized

Below is a video tutorial to give you a hand.


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