How to Install a Solenoid Valve

Date Posted:4 February 2015 

Once you have selected the correct solenoid valve for your application you are ready to install it. To ensure correct operation and avoid damage it is best to follow the below process, practices and recommendations. 

1. Check the valve voltage to ensure it matches supply voltage

2. Install the valve in line with the flow direction matching what is marked on the valve. All solenoid valves have a direction of flow to work properly, this will be marked on the body of the valve. Make sure your supply pressure is isolated before installation.

3. Try to install the solenoid valve so it is upright (coil at the top). They will work in any direction but it is best practice to have it upright if possible.

4. Wire up the valve and cycle test to ensure correct operation. For a video on how to wire a DIN plug please see this post.

Example video of 5 way 2 position solenoid valve spring return:

It can be helpful to put a strainer before your solenoid valve to help protect it from suspended particles in the media.

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