5 Way 2 Position Toggle Valve

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The TOG52 series are a tfive way two position toggle control valve. Ideal for controlling small cylinders or pneumatic actuators, simply push the toggle one way to operate it will stay in this position until switched back. Often used for cab mounts for controlling pneumatic butterfly valves in water trucks. M5  or 1/8" BSP threaded pressure and actuator ports with the exhaust ports not threaded. Simple to use, install and maintain.

Specification TOG52-M5 & TOG52-01
Port Size M5 & 1/8" BSP
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Max Inlet Pressure 10 BAR
Medium Temperature 10 to 60°C
Body Brass or Aluminium
Lubrication Not Required
Applicable Medium Air
M5 1/8" BSP

Size M5 to 1/8" BSP
Function 5 way 2 position toggle
Body Brass
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Media Air

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