14.4mm Solenoid Coil

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Solenoid Coil and DIN Plug to suit 14mm operator. It can suit any brand solenoid valve as long as it complies to the specs of this coil, our models are listed below. Class H closed wound insulation which results in a maximum operating temperature of 180°C and max ambient temperature of 50°C.

Valve Series Description
B36 Brass 2/2 General Purpose Differential Normally Open (up to 1”)
S36 Stainless Steel 2/2 General Purpose Differential Normally Open (above 1”)
A67 Aluminium 3/2 Differential Normally Closed
ES55D Stainless Steel 2/2 Direct Acting Normally Closed (1/4”)


Model Voltage Resistance (Ω) Amps POWER Operating Temperature (℃)
SC-N14 DC12V 8.64 1.330 16W 85
DC24V 41 0.560 13.5W 80
AC24V 6.1 0.940 22VA 70
AC110V 124 0.244 27VA 85
AC240V 690 0.093 22.5VA 70

12mm Solenoid Valve Coil

Dimension Measurement (mm)
Shaft Diameter (Ø) 14.5
Height (H) 40
Width (B) 36
Length to Centre (L1) 20.5
Length Overall (L2) 47

Operator Size 14.4mm
Watts 20
Volt Amps 21
Voltage All
Insulation Class H

Rating IP65