UV Stabalised PVC Ball Check Valve


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UV stabilised PVC true union ball check valve. Comes with PTFE (Teflon) seats and our unique double stem seal system (standard in EPDM but also available in Viton). ). Also features a chem lock insert In the end so the true union can be removed for service work and the ball will not leak when in the closed position. Great  for corrosive or chemical media where traditional material such as brass and stainless steel are not suitable. Commonly used in the aquaculture industry (sea water), chemical dosing, water treatment and pool filtration. Choose between Solvent Weld (ANSI Standard designed to fit Schdule 40 & 80 pipe) and BSP threaded ends. Stainless Steel spring allows it to be operated on any angle however this can be removed if it is incompatible with the media (in this case the check valve must be operated vertically ).

Model Size DN(mm) Media Pressure Media Temperature
BCPEB-04 1/2 15 0 to 10 Bar Ambient
BCPEB-05 3/4 20 0 to 10 Bar Ambient
BCPEB-06 1 25 0 to 10 Bar Ambient
BCPEB-07 1 ¼ 32 0 to 10 Bar Ambient
BCPEB-08 1 ½ 40 0 to 10 Bar Ambient
BCPEB-09 2 50 0 to 10 Bar Ambient

Change the 'E' to a 'V' for FKM. Change the 'B' to an 'S' for Solvent Weld. 


PVC Ball Check Valve

Model Size D L L1
BCPEB-04 1/2 54 91 23
BCPEB-05 3/4 63 106.5 26
BCPEB-06 1 73.5 125 29
BCPEB-07 1 ¼ 84.5 141 33
BCPEB-08 1 ½ 98 150.5 35.5
BCPEB-09 2 119 169.5 38.5

All dimensions in mm unless shown otherwise. 

PVC Check Valve Exploded View

Item Material
Body UV Stabalised PVC
Spring 304 Stainless Steel
Ball UV Stabalised PVC
Seals EPDM or FKM
Seat EPDM or FKM

Size 1/2" to 2" BSP & Solvent Weld
Body UV Stabalised PVC
Seat EPDM or FKM
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Temperature Ambient

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