Imperial Y Joiner Push Fit

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Imperial Y connector, splits off line into two using a Y piece.

Material Nickel Plated Brass / UV Black Plastic, Nitrile O-ring
Pressure Range 0-8 BAR
Max Temperature 60°C
Features Push Fit Y configuration

Imperial Y Union Push Fit Fitting

Model Tube A B
IPY1/4 1/4" 14.5 36.5
IPY5/16 5/16 17.9 39.8
IPY3/8 3/8" 20.1 48.3
IPY1/2 1/2" 20.8 52.1

This threaded elbow is only representative of the construction.

Push Fit Fitting Construction

Tube Size 1/4" to 1/2"
Function Bulkhead Union Push Fit

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