High Pressure Airline Filter

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Allows for filtration of air where the pressure range is above the scope of standard filters. Robust design allows for easy installation and maintenance and gives a presssure range up to 35 BAR.

Specification HPF-02 HPF-04
Port Size (BSPP) 1/4” 1/2"
Pressure Range 0 BAR to 35 BAR (0 to 514 psi)
Max Inlet Pressure 35 BAR (514 psi)
Medium Temperature -5 to 50°C
Construction Chrome Plated Steel
Drain Semi Auto Drain
Filtration 20µm sintered brass

High Pressure Airline Filter

Size 1/4" & 1/2" BSP
Function High Pressure Air Filter
Body Chrome Plated Steel
Pressure Range 0 to 36 BAR
Media Air

  • What is a High Pressure Air Filter?

    A High Pressure Filter is used in high pressure compressed air systems to protect pneumatic control valves, actuators, pneumatic tools, HVAC  or any downstream equipment from in line contamination. The High Pressure Filters function is to increase performance and protect equipment from pipe scale, water condensate, burnt compressor oil or any other suspended solids.

  • How does a High Pressure Compressed Airline Filter work?

    Air enters the filter and is spun around the bowl with vanes mounted in the air flow causing a centrifugal action. Water and condensate collects at the bottom of the bowl where it can be drained away. This condensate is protected in this area from being picked up in the air flow by a baffle which creates a ‘quiet zone’. The filter bowl is aluminium so it can withstand the high pressure however you cant see into the bowl like lower pressure filters. The air continues up through a filter element which is usually 20 micron. This removes dirt particles from the air flow. The air then continues through the filter and into the main system.

  • How do I size a High Pressure Filter?

    The units are sized according to their port sizes (¼” - 1” Bsp). The usual method is to match the port size of the pipe that is feeding the equipment i.e. ½” tube supply will be a ½” Bsp Filter. The other method is to work out the required flow rate for the equipment to be serviced with the rating of the Filter plus a 30% safety factor.

  • How long will my High Pressure Filter Last?

    Cleaning of the filter element and bowl is dependent upon the amount of contamination in the air supply. Regular maintenance should be scheduled to clean the filter. However this frequency will be subject to individual applications. With few moving parts and scheduled maintenance these units will last decades.

  • How do I install a High Pressure Filter?

    The unit is mounted horizontally in the direction of flow (as marked on the body). The filter bowl must be vertical to operate.

  • What are typical uses of a High Pressure Compressed Air Filter?

    The high pressure filter unit is used in high pressure compressed air systems where ordinary airline filters cant be used due to the pressure. This includes high pressure compressors, air lines, HVAC systems, pneumatic tools and machinery.

  • How long will my product take to get to me? 

    This depends upon where you are based and the freight method chosen. If the express freight option is selected it is usually next day delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia for under 5kg. If free freight has been selected it will go by road freight which can be anywhere from 1 to 10 days depending upon your location. It usually averages 3 days.

  • What warranty do I get?

    All of our products come standard with a 12 month warranty. The good news is we have very strict quality controls and all High Pressure Filters leave our warehouse tested and inspected so there are rarely any issues. Also once your Filter is in and operating it will most likely continue to do so for a very long time barring any external factors.

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