Brass Exhaust Regulator/Silencer


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Brass Exhaust Regulator and Silencer allows the user to restrict the air flow coming out the port while keeping the port clean and free from foreign matter. Also disperses the air across the surface of the silencer to dampen noise. Typically used in exhaust ports of control valves and actuators to control the speed of closing.


Brass Silencer Speed Controller

Item R (BSP) B (mm) H (mm) A (mm)
BES-01 G1/8 22.2 12 6
BES-02 G1/4 27.5 14 7.5
BES-03 G3/8 30.1 17 9
BES-04 G1/2 34.2 21 10.5
BES-05 G3/4 34.9 27 10.5
BES-06 G1 36.8 34 13

Size 1/8" to 1" BSP
Function Exhaust Speed Controller
Body Brass

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