Dead Man Handle for Ball Valves

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A spring return 'dead man handle' for mounting on ball and butterfly valves (used mainly on ball valves). The handle is turned by the operator but as soon as the grip is released it springs back to its resting position. Please note that the above choice is to suit our ball valves. If you are fitting it on another brand please look at the dimensions page to make sure what you are buying is correct. Different valves can have different mounting pads and drive sizes.

Dead Man Handle Dimensions

Model A L W Drive (square) ISO5211 PCD Bolt Hole Size
DMH-04 29 45 154 9 F04 42 6.5
DMH-06 31 56 192 11 F05 50 7.5
DMH-08 37 75 241 14 F07 70 9

All dimensions in mm unless shown otherwise. 

Dead Man Handle Construction

Number Part Material
1 Set Piece CF8
2 Inner Hex Screw SS304
3 Rocker Arm CR8
4 Spring Carbon Steel
5 Pull Rod SS304
6 Tubes SS304
7 Pad SS304
8 Packing Graphite
9 Spring Washer SS304
10 Nut SS304

Size 1/2" to 2" BSP
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Actuation Spring Return Handle

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