Blukhead Union Push Fit

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Designed to run cables through bulkheads/panels. Two push fit connector ends with counter rotating tightening nuts.

Material Nickel Plated Brass / UV Black Plastic, Nitrile O-ring
Pressure Range 0 to 8 BAR
Max Temperature 60°C
Features Push fit ends with Hex Nuts to tighten on bulkhead

*Please note that the 4mm & 6mm models the hex head nut is removed and placed back on on a small angle at the end of the thread due to the physical size of the unit. 

Bulkhead Connector Push Fit Fitting

Model O.D Tube (øD) mm E B R H
YPM04 4 8 31 M12 x 1 17
YPM06 6 10 34 M14 x 1 19
YPM08 8 12 38 M16 x 1 22
YPM10 10 15 42 M20 x 1 27
YPM12 12 16 45 M22 x 1 30

All dimensions in mm unless shown otherwise. 

Tube Size 4mm to 12mm
Function Bulkhead Union Push Fit

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