Basket Strainers

Basket Strainer Installation & Operation


Basket Strainers of all materials are easy and simple to use so long as they are installed and maintained correctly. A Basket Strainer is installed into a pipeline to remove unwanted debris and suspended solids from the flow. Straining is done via a perforated screen or mesh lined basket contained within the strainer.


Storage Conditions


  • To protect the internals do not unpack the strainers until they are ready for installation. By doing this you prevent outside contaminants damaging the screen.

  • Keep in a well ventilated dry place if storing for a long period of time. 


Basket Strainer - Designed for horizontal applications 


  1. The strainer must be positioned in the pipeline upstream of the equipment requiring protection. 

  2. For easier maintenance the basket strainer should be located where the drain can be accessed and room for the screen to be removed. 

  3. Before placing the strainer into the line, support the existing pipeline with pipe supports near the inlet and the outlet of the connections.

  4. Place the basket strainer into the line. Ensure the strainer is properly aligned with the direction of the pipeline flow (the Basket Strainer will have a flow indicator on the body of the strainer ). Install Flange Gaskets between the basket strainer and the pipeline flanges on both sides.

  5. Use lubricated flanged bolts and hand tighten. Flange bolts should be tightened using a star or criss cross pattern to evenly load the bolts.


Once installed there is nothing required to operate the strainer. Slow system startup is recommended to eliminate the sudden shock to the strainer. 



A properly installed basket strainer requires very little maintenance. Regular maintenance should involve periodically checking for leaks and routine cleaning and replacement of screens. The basket will become clogged with mater during normal operation causing the differential pressure to rise. Once the pressure reaches an unacceptable level it's time to clean or replace the basket.

A convenient and safe way to determine if the basket needs to be replaced is to install pressure gauges before and after the strainer to measure the pressure drop across the unit.

 Strainer Element Cleaning

** Ensure the Basket Strainer is isolated before attempting to remove the strainer element from the housing ***

  1. Open drain plug to relieve the pressure inside the strainer. 

  2. Once pressure is released remove the cover.

  3. Remove the basket and clean, avoid banging or hitting the screen to remove debri. It is recommended to use high pressure water or air to clean the screen.

  4. Inspect basket and gasket cover for damage or wear. If either is damaged they need to be replaced. Always ensure you have a spare gasket and basket while doing maintenance. 

  5. Place the basket into its original position in the strainer housing ensuring it is positioned on the screen seat. 

  6. Replace gasket and cover and tighten bolts to recommended industry standards.