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Process Systems has supplied a wide range of Valves and ancillary products to the Petrochemical Industry used both in onshore offshore applications for over 20 years. These include Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, Needle and Solenoid Valves.


Ball Valves

Process Systems supplies a range of both flanged and threaded Ball Valves to the Petrochemical Industry mainly is Stainless Steel. This includes two way and three way (L & T port) Ball Valves in manual (lockable lever or gear box) or actuated (electric or pneumatic) variants. We have Flanged and Threaded versions that carry Fire Safe Approval which is commonly used in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Check Valves

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Gate Valves

Process Systems supplies both Cast Steel and Stainless Steel Gate Valves to the Petrochemical Industry. These are the two most common body materials supplied and both versions are available in threaded or flanged variations. Most models are designed to API 600 which is a common standard used in the Oil and Gas field. These are mainly used as isolation valves on process lines.

Globe Valves

Globe Valves are commonly used as throttling valves in the Oil and Gas Industry as they give you a better flow regulation characteristic (or soft start up) when compared to most other isolation valves. Process Systems supplies these in both threaded and flanged versions in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.

Needle Valves

Process Systems has a range of high pressure 316 Stainless Steel Needle Valves (400 Bar) that are commonly used in the Petrochemical Industry. These are often used in sampling or dosing lines or other areas where a degree of flow control is needed.

Solenoid Valves

Process Systems supplies a range of Solenoid Valves used in the Oil and Gas Industry. These are used in both onshore and offshore facilities. The type of Solenoid Valve varies depending upon the application and environment however we supply everything from a water & air isolation solenoid to a Zone 1 Class 1 hazardous area Solenoid Valve.

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