Valves for Mining Applications

Process Systems supplies a broad range of Valves & Ancillary Products to the Mining Industry within Australia and the South Pacific. These include Ball, Butterfly, Check, Gate, Globe and Solenoid Valves. All valves come with full material and test certifications ensuring reliability & compliance. All valves are held in stock and freighted daily to mine sites both inside and outside of Australia.


Ball Valves

Process Systems supplies a wide range of Ball Valves to the Mining industry. These are mainly Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valves (pneumatic or electric) but also manually operated Ball Valves (lockable lever or gear box). These come in both Threaded and Flanged variations with different models holding Watermark, Standardsmark and Fire Safe certifications. All are available in two way or three way (L & T port) configurations.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves are widely used in the Mining and Resource Industry, mainly as isolation valves on water lines. This can be anything from dust suppression systems to bulk liquid storage. Process Systems supplies Wafer, Lugged & Double Flanged Butterfly Valves in both manual and actuated (pneumatic or electric) configurations. They are available in different body materials such as Ductile Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel depending upon the application. Most are center line design however Triple Offset is also popular on higher temperature applications.

Check Valves

Check Valves are commonly used in the Mining and Resource Industry. Any application where a flow needs to only occur one way a Check Valve is used. Process Systems most commonly supplies Duo Check, In Line Check, Swing Check and Wafer Check valves to this industry. These are in different body materials however Cast Iron and Stainless Steel are the most popular.

Gate Valves

Gate Valves are commonly used in the Mining Industry for line isolation purposes. Process Systems supply both threaded and flanged Gate Valves in Ductile Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel to the Resource Industry. This is in both non rising stem and outside stem and yoke variations.

Solenoid Valves

Process Systems supply a complete range of Solenoid Valves to the Mining & Resource Industry. The use cases are very wide running everything from fuel & water to air & steam so the model depends upon the application. Some of the most common are Brass Differential Solenoid Valves for dust suppression and air delivery.

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