Valves for the Fire Industry

Process Systems is a large supplier of Solenoid Valves, Pressure Gauges and Ball Valves to the Fire Industry in Australia. These are both in new project installs such as high rise buildings and commercial tenancies as well as after market repair and maintenance.


Pressure Gauges

Process Systems has a wide range of Pressure Gauges available to the market however in the Fire Industry the most popular is a liquid filled 63mm Stainless Steel Bottom Entry in either a 0 to 1600 kpa or 0 to 2500 kpa configuration. Other Pressure Gauges such as 100mm or 150mm dials are also used however are not as common. All gauges are dual scale kpa / Psi.

Solenoid Valves

Process Systems supplies a range of Solenoid Valves to the Fire Industry. There are two main lines which are used; a Brass Differential Solenoid Valve and a Stainless Steel Differential Solenoid Valve. These are either in 10 Bar or 16 Bar configurations. The Stainless Steel holds a Watermark Certification should it be required.

Ball Valves

Process Systems has a very wide range of both manual and actuated Ball Valves which are used by the Fire Industry. These are mainly two piece with a lockable handle for the manual Ball Valves or three piece Pneumatically or Electrically actuated Ball Valves. Both are 316 Stainless Steel and hold Watermark and Standards Mark Certification in Australia. These will not corrode through like lots of valves used on Fire installs that will then need to be replaced. Also having a lockable handle saves the installer drilling a hole in the handle to chain the valve in its open position.

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