3 Way 2 position Hand Slide Valve

Aluminium 3/2 slide valve for exhausting air lines

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Allows air flow to be put into or exhausted from a line by sliding the sleeve back or forward. Great for using as an isolation valve where the downstream needs to be vented. Commonly used on test benches or before air service equipment/control vavles.

Specification AHS-01 AHS-02 AHS-03 AHS-04
Port Size G1/8” G1/4” G3/8” G1/2”
Nominal Diameter 6mm 8mm 10mm 15mm
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Max Inlet Pressure 10 BAR
Medium Temperature -5 to 60°C
Body Anodised Aluminium Slide. Plated Brass Body
Lubrication Not Required
Applicable Medium Air

Size A B C D E F
1/8" BSP 47 26 G1/8 Ø14 Ø21 15
1/4" BSP 55 30 G1/4 Ø18 Ø26 19
3/8" BSP 57 30 G3/8 Ø21 Ø30 22
1/2" BSP 72 30 G1/2 Ø21 Ø30 24

All dimensions are in mm unless specified otherwise

Size 1/8" to 1/2" BSP
Function 3 way 2 position slide valve
Body Aluminium
Pressure Range 0.5 to 12 BAR
Media Air

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